Friday, November 29, 2013

My 20th Birthday in Paris

It was my birthday on Wednesday; I'm officially no longer a teenager! (Oh boy).

I always find it interesting how the best plans are often the ones that happen accidentally.

After class, my French friend Clemence invited me over to her house for a surprise and boy was I ever! Her birthday surprise to me was getting to try escargots for the first time.

It was quite an interesting experience! After, I met up with some other friends to get sushi. It turned out the sushi place I originally wanted to go to no longer exists so we had to find another place, but it all turned out okay! The food was really yummy and who can really complain when you're surrounded by friends and in Paris on your birthday.

After we tried finding an Amorino location but it also doesn't exist anymore! We did find a really beautiful street though. All the Christmas lights were up and it was really incredible.

I have some really lovely friends. Also, all my friends back home decided they each needed to make me a collage to put on FaceBook in honor of my birthday. There were quite a few! This one was my favorite from my best friend.
I love collages. It's really fun to look back at awesome photos and see where you've been.

And now for the best part: PRESENTS!!! My friends all know me so well. Clemence got me a beautiful chain bracelet that is really popular in French fashion right now. Her mom got me a ring and another bracelet that says "Mon petit brin d'amour" which means "my little bit of love" (Clemence later told me she picked it out).

The silver square is a "petit beurre" which is a type of cookie that is very common in France. It's so unbelievably cute.

My roommate Monica and my friend Kyle both got me stuff from my favorite store: Oysho!!! Rat socks and the most amazing shirt in the world.

It says "You are the butter on my bread". The joke between my boyfriend and I is that I am peanut and he is butter, and my nickname in high school was bread so this shirt is simply perfect!

And lastly, my friend Lisa got me the prettiest nail polish color.
I love nail polish so much. I'm probably going to change the color to this one very soon!

I hope everyone had a really fun and safe Thanksgiving, or if you're in France like me, a wonderful Thursday.

Bisous mes cheris***

Photo credits to Lisa Cherkassky and Monica Park

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