Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Russian River

At the beginning of the summer, my family and I went on a trip to Russian River! We normally go to Yosemite but my mom decided she wanted a change of pace. Yosemite can be crowded and busy during the summer so she wanted to go somewhere calmer; Russian River was the perfect place. We rented a home on the river and spent our days lounging, swimming, and simply relaxing.

My boyfriend and one of my brother's friends were invited on the trip as well. Austin and I got to share an adorable guest room/house together.

My brother and Elliott got the room downstairs and it had a ping pong table right next to it!

Upstairs there was a beautiful sun room that had the most amazing view of the river. The backyard of the house is better described as a meadow since there are no fences and dear like to walk through it.

This is the back of the house we stayed at!

The boys found a cool tree in the background to climb.

The road that the house was on was very narrow and short so all the neighbors know each other. The street is quiet and void of cars most of the time, so it was the perfect spot to take a walk.

A little farther down the river are beaches where you can inner tube and kayak.

There was this adorable town a mile from where we were staying called Duncan Mills. My favorite was this amazing tea shop!

These are raccoon foot prints on my mom's car!
 My mom, my boyfriend and I went on a hike to see where the river met the ocean.

On our last morning, we went out to breakfast in Duncan Mills and got one final look at the river and the town.

 Bisous mes cheris***

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