Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Date Night: The Melting Pot

After I got home for the summer, Austin and I decided we needed to go on a date. We've been dating for so long that sometimes it can be hard to remember to do something as simple as going on dates. When I told one of my friends we were going, he gave me a perplexed look and asked, "You guys still go on dates?" YES OF COURSE! Sadly since I go to school in Los Angeles and he goes to school in the Bay Area, we don't always get the chance. I think it's important for couples, no matter where they are in their relationship, to take time for each other. Whether that means going on dates or simply just being alone together, I strongly believe it is vital to relationship's health.

I'll stop before I ramble too much. We decided to go to a fondue restaurant called The Melting Pot. I'd never been to a fondue place so I was extremely excited. I apologize in advance for the photo quality, these were all taken from my iPhone.

My goofy boyfriend who started laughing right in the middle of my photo!

First course: cheese!!!

Second course: salad

Third course: I don't really know what you call it but we cooked veggies and meats in hot broth.

And finally, CHOCOLATE!!!

Needless to say, I felt like an absolute hippo afterward. If you get the chance and have a decent sized paycheck, I would recommend going to a fondue restaurant. It was super fun!

Bisous mes cheris***

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