Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years Resolutions!

Happy 2014 everyone! I hope you all had a fun and safe New Years!

I don't always make resolutions for the New Year because I know myself and I won't usually stick with them. Last year I made a resolution to try more things that scare me. I tend to let fear get in the way of living my life some times so I was hoping by making it a resolution I would remember to let loose every once and a while. This resolution panned out pretty well I think, so this year I'm going to make a few more resolutions.

I would like the theme of 2014 to be "clean".

Clean eating: While I was in Paris, I wasn't necessarily eating the healthiest foods but I was eating foods that were very clean. France has stricter regulations on what you can and can't put in food, so their food tends to have less preservatives than ours does. Since I've been back, I've been trying not to fall back into old eating habits but as many of us know, that can be easier said than done. I want to focus on choosing foods that will make my body run effectively and efficiently.

Clean products: I have very weird skin. Most of my body is prone to being dry, and my face is often a combination of dry and oily; my skin is also very sensitive to breakouts. I use a lot of bath and body products. I wash my face twice a day, sometimes more, I moisturize like crazy, and I have a pretty extensive collection of products I use when I shower. Since I've had clean eating on the mind, I have also been thinking "If I shouldn't put that in my body, should I put it on the outside?" Probably not. I recently purchased a whole slew of Lush body products and so far I have been extremely happy with them. The brand is a little pricey but it's an investment and it's worth it. The chemicals in the products you use seep into your blood stream and can be just as bad for you as what you eat. I want to make a conscientious effort to use natural products. Side note: I also love Lush because they fight against animal testing!

Clean thoughts: This resolution will probably be the hardest. It's pretty easy to get caught up in your life and in your problems. I am usually pretty busy so I often get overwhelmed and stressed out quickly. I want to try keeping my thoughts productive and positive.

We'll see how these go. Do you guys make resolutions for the New Year?

Bisous mes cheris*** 

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