Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Day in the Life: Paris Museums

Happy Tuesday everyone! For me, and for others I hope, an important part of being in Paris is immersing yourself in the culture. An easy and effective way of doing this is going to museums. French people appreciate a type of knowledge they call "cultivé" which is essentially a knowledge of art, history, and current events. Businesses will often take their employees to museums as a way of helping them acquire this specific type of knowledge. CEA provided every student with an ID card that claims we are Art History students so that we can get into museums for free which is really amazing. I have been to the Louvre and the d'Orsay about four times as well as the Roudin Museum, the Museum of Jewish History and Art, the George Pompidou Museum of Modern Art, Art Ludique, and many others for my History of Haute Couture class.

Me with blonde hair at the beginning of the trip!

While I love the Lourve and I find many of the pieces of art there captivating (mostly the statues) my favorite museum is the d'Orsay. There is something about impressionism that really makes me happy, and the museum used to be a train station so the structure is a piece of art in itself.

Another museum I really enjoyed was the Art Ludique museum. It is privately owned so we had to pay to get in, but they had a Pixar exhibit going on and I had to go. It was really nostalgic and fun. Being in Paris makes me love Ratatouille even more and makes me miss my pet rat at home (who I named Remy!) Sadly we couldn't take pictures but here are the postcards I bought!

It's been fun being in Paris and gaining more of this cultivé knowledge! I'm excited to go home and try to put it to good use. 

Bisous mes cheris***

Photo credits to Monica Park and yours truly! (when I still had my phone)  

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