Sunday, December 22, 2013

Back Home!

I'm back home in San Francisco! It's such a surreal feeling being back since I was in Paris just two days ago but I'm really enjoying being back. I wanted to post some pictures of the CEA event me and my friends went to before we left, as well as tell you guys I'm going to try to post as much as I can now that I'm home! I'll be a bit busy with the holidays and moving back to school but I will do my best to stay on top of things.

Now for the event!

My roommate and I decided to go as flappers, who are my favorite historical figures.

It was really sad saying goodbye to all the friends I've made while in Paris, but I will never forget them and what we experienced together. And being sad never prevented us from being a little goofy!

I'm happy to be home but I will miss Paris dearly. I hope to go back ASAP!

Bisous mes cheris***

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