Friday, December 13, 2013

My Playlist: Our Last Night

Our Last Night is a post-hardcore band from Hollis, New Hampshire that has been one of my favorite bands for about four years now. My best friend showed them to me, along with come other bands within the same genre, and this group quickly became a favorite. Their lead singer was only 13 years old when they signed to Epitaph Records and started their first tour. Since 2006 they have come out with three albums, two EP, and a self produced record.

These boys are nothing if not the perfect example of what determination and a LOT of hard work can do for you. I saw them a last October in a small venue in Anaheim California where they were opening for another band and now about a year later, they have managed to raise over $40,000 to produce and record their own album. It's really incredible to think that four people about my age are traveling the world and performing in front of thousands of people. Seven years ago they probably couldn't imagine where they'd be today. I try to think about this when I'm close to giving up on something I feel passionately about and I hope you all do too.

Here are some of my favorite songs:

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Bisous mes cheris***

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